May 13, 2021

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2008 DCI World Championship Finals Awards Ceremony

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2008 Drum Corps International World Championship Finals
Bloomington, IN – Memorial Stadium

1 Phantom Regiment 98.125
2 Blue Devils 98.100
3 The Cavaliers 97.325
4 Carolina Crown 96.800
5 The Cadets 94.750
6 Bluecoats 93.175
7 Santa Clara Vanguard 93.025
8 Blue Stars 90.425
9 Blue Knights 88.250
10 Boston Crusaders 87.275
11 Glassmen 87.200
12 Madison Scouts 85.225

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50 thoughts on “2008 DCI World Championship Finals Awards Ceremony

  1. at 1:05 
    The crowd wasnt cheering for BD. 
    They were cheering because when they found out that Bd got 2nd, that theres was only one other option for first, and that was Phantom Regiment. 
    They were cheering for regiment not bd.

  2. It wasn't just Cavies reacting to the BD loss.. I was there.. Crown started "stabbing" guard members.. Members of the Cadets and SCV also "broke". Not because of disrespect for BD, but for the decades of heartbreak of the former and, at that time, current members of Phantom Regiment..

  3. Ya know if I was BD, I would be just a little ticked off if I won every show of the season but 2 (one of them being finals) and losing by .025. Face it we all would be a little ticked off.

  4. Fun fact: Phantom was in 2nd place all season while the blue devils were in 1st. Literally the night before their last performance, phantom added the part and the end of their show when the drum major said, "I am Spartacus, and then stabbed the other drum major. Even though they were not really supposed to do that, the judges still gave them extra points.

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