May 11, 2021

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13 thoughts on “18yr old watches OLD SCHOOL DCI || 2002 Cavaliers "Frameworks"

  1. the brass judge tape is floating around somewhere. You need to listen to it to understand and appreciate how complex this brass book is. Also the music was all original.This show scored a 99.15 and was tied as the highest scoring show in DCI until 2014. To this day it’s still #2. Modern corps involves a lot of dance and body movements. No modern corps including the current Cavaliers have drill at this level. The Cavaliers thru 2011 have some of the greatest visual shows and the drill writer is considered one of the best ever for the activity. The crowds back in the day were absolutely incredible, very appreciative,very loud and very vocal. Lucas oil stadium crowds do not even compare. The trends of electronics, vocals and microphones have definitely changed the landscape of the activity. Some argue for better, some for worse.

  2. Responding to what you said at 13:10, I think they wrote the show to be around the building blocks, or frameworks, of music, those being melody, harmony, and rhythm. That whole section there would be the rhythm movement.

  3. I would suggest that you watch
    Cadets: 1998 and 2000.
    Phantom Regiment: 1993 and 2003
    Velvet Knights: 1992
    Carolina Crown: 2008
    Cavaliers 1992 and 2006
    SCV: 2004 and 1999

  4. Speaking from a brass players perspective that marched in this era, this was the first Bb hornline that started to figure out that the tuning clarity of Bb horns vs their G bugle predecessors was an advantage to exploit. Never before had a drum corp THIS IN TUNE ALL THE TIME been heard. Up to that point, most Bb hornlines were still trying to ram air through them as if they were G bugles, and intonation and sound quality issues were a result. See 2000 Cadets for an example of this. They were great and deserved to win, but they overblew the shit out of those horns.

    In addition to that, this corps just had no weaknesses. NONE. It was truly beautiful to watch.

  5. For both old school and the cleanest snareline (and triplet roll) to ever set foot on a field, how about Star of Indiana '93? They're the corps that eventually ended up sending Drum Corps into the more avant garde form it is today.

  6. I knew as soon as this kid said he was a percussionist that he wasn't gonna care for this show all that much. This is more of a "brass heavy" show or at least, seems that way to me. I tried not to rage when he said this show wasn't "as demanding" as current shows. I laughed. I also thought he made that comment WAY too early in the performance. They are booking it a couple of times during this performance. I saw them live that year and I'm so glad I did.

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